Pile Driving Services


Figuring prominently on the company’s list of services is foundation work. Over the years, Commerce Construction crews have worked with and successfully installed virtually the entire gamut of piling used in the construction industry. These include, but are not limited to; timber piles, steel H-piles, steel pipe piles, auger-cast concrete piles, steel sheet piling, and pre-cast concrete piles, as well as all types of pile load testing. The company also has experts who review both the economics and structural considerations of every single project to establish which foundation system will work best. Not surprisingly, a variety of industry-related professionals, such as architects, engineers, and contractors, seek out the company’s expertise and advice for help when designing or constructing structures that feature land based foundation piling. As a result, Commerce Construction also has an in-house, up-to-date library featuring subsurface soil information and test pile data, for much of the geographic area in and around the Philadelphia Metropolitan Area. Commerce also boasts an inventory of highly specialized pile-driving equipment and stock materials.