Sunoco Logistics Fire Water Intake


Sunoco Logistics L.P.

Marcus Hook, PA

Dollar Amount:
$18.5 million

Year Completed: 
June 2017

Commerce Construction was contracted to construct a Firewater Intake Structure for Sunoco Logistics LP in Marcus Hook, PA.  The Firewater Intake structure was added as a significant upgrade to comply with the required firefighting capabilities which were a result of other facility upgrades.

The project consisted of a 50 x 100 cofferdam, with a 30 foot deep excavation.  The cofferdam walls were installed using 36” Pipe and NZ 19 Sheetpiles.  The interior space had 2 levels of steel bracing.  The actual intake structure was constructed using both cast in place concrete and pre-cast concrete which provided schedule benefit and also decreased the impact from cold weather variables.  The project is scheduled to conclude during the 2nd Quarter of 2017.