Marine Construction


Marine construction is at the heart of the company’s successful track record. Commerce Construction Corporation has crafted a reputation for being able to deliver innovative solutions and respond quickly to its’ clients’ needs in virtually every type of marine installation. Our completed projects range from planning and construction of large marine terminals and piers, to assessing and rehabilitating existing marine structures. Among the numerous and wide-ranging marine services the company offers are: straight wall and cellular steel sheet pile bulkheads; mooring and breasting dolphins; pile-supported low-deck and high-deck structures; outfall lines; cofferdams; intake lines and structures; total pier removal and demolition; and instant response to emergency situations, among others. Commerce Construction Corporation is well equipped to handle virtually every marine construction project for applications in the Philadelphia Metropolitan Area. We have a magnitude of knowledge unsurpassed with regard to the facilities located on the Delaware River. Our team has worked in nearly every facility located on the river, and it is this working knowledge that enables Commerce Construction to continue to provide value added service to our clients.