Commerce Construction Corporation currently owns a fleet of waterborne equipment. In addition to our barge cranes, we also own various crawler cranes and specialty pile driving equipment, including augercast and drilling equipment. Lastly, our diving division features a vast collection of commercial diving gear. For more information about our equipment and its capabilities please contact us by phone at 856-241-0300 or e-mail at


The Samson is a Manitowoc 4100W Ringer mounted on a 70' X 140' spud barge. The Samson is by far the largest machine Commerce Construction owns. The capabilities of the Samson are virtually endless when it comes to the typical scope of work seen on the Delaware River. Because of the fact that it is one of the largest waterborne cranes that calls the Delaware River home, it can rapidly be deployed on heavy lift services to clients based in the area, for a smaller mobilization cost. In addition to its 200-ton lift capacity, the Samson proves invaluable in today's new marine construction realm. Recently, the trend has been to "build it bigger." This includes utilizing bigger piles, larger pre-cast sections, and large "1-piece" structural steel dock/pier components.


The Hercules is a Manitowoc 4600 SERIES 5 crawler positioned on a 58' X 140' spud barge. Typically the Hercules is used for medium to large-scale projects where lifts can vary anywhere from 1 ton to upwards of 115 tons. Recently, this machine was used on a project where it was utilized to set small sections of structural steel walkways as well as to drive 36" Pipe Piles utilizing a 42 Ton Diesel Impact hammer and leads. The Hercules has been an important component of our equipment list due to its wide spectrum of usefulness.


The VULCAN is a Manitowoc 4000W Crawler crane. Currently, it is positioned on a 50' X 150' spud barge and is capable of lifting nearly 50 tons. The VULCAN is a great machine for small to medium-sized repair or pile driving jobs. Additionally, the VULCAN is a great choice for small to medium-sized lift services and digging/dredging applications as well.

Commerce Construction also owns machines that we utilize for land foundation work of different types. We own a Kobelco CK 1000 and a Manitowoc 2900, which are both conventional crawler cranes and can be used for installing sheet piles, timber piles, augercast piles, h piles, and pipe piles.

Commerce Construction owns an extensive inventory of pile hammers, drilling equipment, tractor trailers, grout pumps, grout mixers, and miscellaneous equipment. For more information on Commerce Construction and our equipment capabilities, please call 856-241-0300 or e-mail

Equipment For Sale

Periodically Commerce will put our underutilized equipment up for sale. For a list of our current equipment for sale, please call 856-241-0300 or email