DuPont Chambers Works


E. I. DuPont de Nemours & Company

Deepwater, NJ

Dollar Amount:
$4.5 mil

Year Completed: 

Commerce Construction was contracted to complete the fabrication and installation of approximately 1340 linear feet of plant outfall pipe in the Delaware River coming from the DuPont Chambers Works Plant. This project included the assembly, installation, and hydro-testing of 48” HDPE pipeline with a diffuser end section. The diffuser end section, with 13 vertical riser pipes, accounted for approximately 115 linear feet of the total length of the pipe.

The installation of the pipeline required the excavation of a trench to retain the pipeline and diffuser section in the river bottom, and the trench then needed to be backfilled with the previously excavated material upon completion. Commerce Construction hired a subcontractor for the dredging scope of work.