Diving Services


Commerce Construction offers clients a group of professionals well versed in every type of commercial diving and sub-aqueous construction. As safety is of paramount importance, the company also employs cutting-edge technology and methods in order to develop and tailor solutions to each specific project. Commerce Construction’s diving services include pier damage inspections, marine services, preventive maintenance programs, salvage, emergency response services and much more. In addition, the emergency response services team operates a 50-foot LCM dive boat that can be launched quickly to accommodate most construction or emergency response needs. Commerce Construction is an active member of the Association of Diving Contractors International. Our divers have all completed commercial diving programs at various schools throughout the country. In addition, our divers have each worked in geographic areas throughout the United States and abroad, thus bringing valuable workplace experience to each job that they perform. Commerce Construction enjoys the luxury of having a dive team to complement our marine construction business whereas; other contractors continually have a need to subcontract a portion of their marine construction work scope.