Conoco Phillips

At a Glance...

Conoco Phillips

Trainer, PA

Dollar Amount: 
$27 mil

Year Completed: 

As part of Conoco Phillips’ ship dock revitalization, Commerce Construction was required to work around the existing shipping schedule so that the dock would remain active and able to accept product from various vessels. From inception to completion, the work scope encompassed a wide array of marine construction tasks. The overall project consisted of the following work scopes:

  • Test Pile Program
  • Temporary Support HP 14 X 89 Piles for the Ship Dock
  • Demolition and Disposal of Existing Dock Structures
  • Recovery of Failed Seawall Sections
  • Construction of the New Ship Dock and Adjacent Approachway
  • Construction of the Upriver Accessway E and associated Mooring Dolphins
  • Construction of the Downriver Accessway F
  • Lift Services for Related Dock Components (Loading Arms, Gangway Crane, etc.)